I’ve Moved! Goodbye WordPress, we’ve had some great times together.


My journey on Two Loves Studio started two and a bit years ago, and TLS has been such a big part of my life that it feels like much longer than that!

A lot of you will have noticed that my posts have been getting fewer and fewer, but my journey certainly has not. When I began on the road to discovering food photography, I had a lot of idols that I wanted to be just like. I wanted to be an amazing chef, food photographer and write my own best selling cook books just like the many big name food blogs/photographers that I am sure we all follow, cause just about everyone is doing it.

The further in this journey that I get, I have realised that recipe development doesn’t float my boat as much as food photography and that trying to make it an equal part of my journey just isn’t making me happy. I certainly don’t want to give that part away as I have some personal projects which involve making recipes to share in my new space that I am really excited about.

I ultimately want to be known as more of a photography blog than a food blog with great photos. My journey is still continuing, and has taken me to a  new space where I am focusing on featuring my best work and creating beautiful artworks of food stories. You can still find me at twolovesstudio.com, I will just have a new site, new look, new feel and some new energy.

This space twoloves.wordpress.com will still remain here with an archive of recipes, as I am only taking the 2014 blog content with me.

As I don’t know if my readers will want to follow me or not, I am going to leave that choice up to you. You can sign up to get my latests posts to your inbox at http://www.twolovesstudio.com/subscribe.

Some of the personal projects I will be working on are a Finding Breakfast series, as well as a Cake series.

I am hoping you can all join me. This space has been very good to me and I hope to take those good vibes along with me – come and say hi @twolovesstudio.com


9 thoughts on “I’ve Moved! Goodbye WordPress, we’ve had some great times together.

  1. Hi Rachel Jane!
    WOW is all I can say looking at your new site and your portfolio. I’ve been following you for a while and was always in awe of your development and your progress. I have to admit I’m a little envious, too, and regret that I am too lazy to persevere in photography the way you did.
    I’ve already subscribed to your new site through the WP reader, and I’m looking forward to seeing more of your fantastic food photography.
    One question – is your ebook on the DIY backgrounds available yet?
    Best wishes, Kiki

    • Thanks Kiki, you’re such a gem! Yes it has been a while now hasn’t it. It was easy for me to persevere as it really brings me a lot of joy. I wish I had a little bit more of the cooking passion and community that you do, so I guess it goes without saying we gravitate and put effort the thing we love!
      Thanks for asking about the e-book. I did some research on it and I don’t think people would have gotten that much out of it based on what is already free and available on the web these days. I would absolutely be happy to share anything with you if you have some specific questions – shoot me an email twolovesstudio@gmail.com

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