A Twist On Talia’s Beer Cupcakes – Ginger Beer Cupcakes In Cinnamon Sugar & Awesome Opportunity For First 50!

two-loves-studio-cinnamon-sugar-ginger-beer-cupcakes1Talia and I have been doing regular cupcake shoots since we created our e-book Talia’s Cupcake Dream, she has even been giving me some baking lessons! We have been playing with the recipes in the book, creating twists and it’s been super fun. We are currently brainstorming some fun Easter ideas to play with this weekend so stay tuned for that.

A few weeks ago we had the morning to play with cinnamon sugar, I tell you sugar is so much fun to play with. I actually enjoy it more than I do eating it! And when making your own cinnamon sugar, the smell is incredible.

Talia’s recipe; Beer & Mo Dream is a ‘blokey’ cupcake she made for Movember and the response was so great that she decided to have a play with the recipe and create a twist so you can make this recipe any time of the year, and has an alternative for those who want a cupcake that doesn’t contain alcohol.


To make this recipe you will need the Beer & Mo Dream recipe in Talia’s Cupcake Dream. If you haven’t got the e-book yet, you can grab it here.

If you just want to grab this recipe – that’s great too! We have specially made a two-page PDF with just this cupcake recipe so you can sink your teeth into this twist AND the first 50 orders can choose the purchase price – yep, that’s right you can choose whatever price your big heart desires. We are having a little fun with this one so be one of the first 50 and unleash your purchasing power! Then make some wicked cupcakes and get cinnamon sugar everywhere – even in places it should never go!


The modifications and further directions to make this recipe are listed below as well as how to make the cinnamon sugar!

(Please note that the original recipe contains only the recipe for the Beer & Mo Dream cupcakes and the original associated images with that recipe).


Ginger Beer Cupcakes In Cinnamon Sugar – A Twist from Beer & Mo Dream in Talia’s Cupcake Dream

Makes approximately 12 cupcakes

Get recipe here (be one of the first 50 and pay what you want!)


Same as recipe, except substitute the beer for good quality non-alcoholic ginger beer.

1 1/2 cups white sugar
1-2 tablespoons ground cinnamon


Follow direction steps 1 – 4.

Once the cupcakes are in the oven and baking away, mix 1 1/2 cups of white sugar with 1 tablespoon of ground cinnamon. Fully combine and then add 1/4 teaspoon of ground cinnamon at a time, (up to an additional tablespoon) to taste. Fully combine after each addition. I used approximately 1 1/2 tablespoons.

Once you have removed the cupcakes from the oven and they have cooled on a wire rack, turn on the oven grill to low-medium. Sprinkle a generous amount of cinnamon sugar onto the tops of the cupcakes and place under the oven grill, sugar side up. Let the sugar melt and crystallise for around 5 minutes, unit the sugar hardens and burns slightly, (the colour will be dark brown and not blackened and smoking). If the sugar needs a little more time to burn, keep it under the grill for another 3-5 minutes, keeping a close eye on it.

When you are satisfied with the sugar topping, remove from under the grill and let cool for a minute or so and are cool enough to touch. Place the cinnamon sugar in a large tray, then roll the warm cupcakes into the cinnamon sugar and serve immediately (with a cup of tea as Talia would say!).

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    • Yeah lately it just isn’t an issue, it comes bang on straight out of the camera. I think shooting manual helps and I usually just shoot on auto WB. Do you shoot RAW files? WB is easily fixed in post processing if your files are shot in RAW.

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