Makin’ Jerked Ribs


I bought Jamie Oliver’s, Save with Jamie, a few weeks ago and I have been absolutely loving it. Great, tasty and easy recipes that I am actually excited to make. Plus they live up to my expectations. During the week I bought 2.5kg of organic pork spare ribs from the local market and spent the afternoon making Jamie’s Jerked BBQ Ribs. Uh..may…zing!

The pork was so beautiful when I lathered it with homemade BBQ Jerk (! does that sound weird?) sauce that I snapped a few pics before I left it to marinate for a few hours. Unfortunately there isn’t an ‘after shot’, they were just way to enticing that the finger licking good won over the camera!



7 thoughts on “Makin’ Jerked Ribs

  1. I love to cook and eat. I am not sure if I prefer one over the other. I need to look at his book and his recipes. I think he is over shadowed by other chefs but it was licking my lips as I read your post.

    • Interesting point Colin. He is a household name is Australia and always has TV shows down here. I love that he educates me and give me tools to cook and as well as his gorgeous recipes.

    • Um, good question! That is stretching the memory a little. I don’t think we ended up with any sauce, I probably would have lathered it onto the meat throughout the cooking processes and warmed any remaining to go over the tip when served. Yummy eh?

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