Pink Passionfruit Iced Tea with Lime, Kiwi, Mint & Thyme


Last year I was introduced to the Canadian tea brand David’s Tea when I received  a David’s Tea care package  for Christmas. It is exciting for us Aussies to taste the delightful and exotic flavours. So on my third and most recent trip to Canada, I stocked up on a range of tea for myself and for presents. One of those purchases was Pink Passionfruit for making iced tea and mad its smell is infectious! I only busted it out a few weeks ago when I had some friends over for a cup cake shoot and it was as delightful as I remembered.

So I decided to play around a little with some photos and nothing was really speaking to me and I didn’t feel like the shoot was a success or that I pushed myself and I know what was to blame. As I was setting up for the shoot, listening to YouTube, a commercial came on and notified me that Dave Matthews Band was coming to Australia and the pre-sale starting in 45 minutes. I was so distracted shooting and trying to buy tickets! I was nearly not going to post this and then something happened!


I went shooting with a friend in Fitzroy Melbourne to test out her new lens. We came across some little markets and decided to have a poke around and there he was. This adorable little fella selling iced tea for a good cause. Selling iced tea or lemonade to raise money for things is sorta a universal tradition and seeing this little chap with his cute little face selling iced tea for the asylum seekers (he even wrote the message on the chalkboard!) was just too much. It melted my heart and rekindled my thoughts around the iced tea shots that I had done the day before. The universe is watching!


So I gave him a gold coin and he poured me a glass…and now I am writing this post with a smile on my face and sharing an iced tea recipe that may inspire someone to do something like this little world citizen.



Pink Passionfruit Iced Tea with Kiwi, Lime, Mint and Thyme

Makes 1L


4 teaspoons Davids Tea Pink Passionfruit tea
4 cups boiling water
1 kiwifruit, sliced
1 lime, quartered
handful of mint, torn
A few sprigs of fresh thyme

Honey to serve
Ice to serve


Add boiling water to a tea pot, add the tea and let steep for 10 minutes. Strain any tea leave and refrigerate liquid until cold. Place the sliced kiwifruit, limes, mint, thyme and honey into little bowls on a tray to let your guests add their own flavours. Once the tea is cold, serve with ice and a drizzle of honey.


9 thoughts on “Pink Passionfruit Iced Tea with Lime, Kiwi, Mint & Thyme

  1. As always, these photos are absolutely stunning. Interestingly enough, I am brewing my own kombucha right now and as I was lurking around Instagram last night, I found a beautiful photo of David’s tea. I had never heard of it before, but now I’ve heard it twice in 24 hours. Must be a sign!

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