Being a Part of Something Revolutionary – Contributing to Mayver’s Spring 2013 Recipe Book

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I was lucky enough to be approached by Mayver’s and their amazing design team at Saltree Creative and asked to contribute to their Spring 2013 Recipe Book! It was such an honour to be able to cook, style and photograph 8 recipes for this recipe book edition and to work with this amazing brand who is creating a shift in the market towards healthy, clean eating through pure state foods.

Mayver’s creations are truly amazing. Their products are 100% pure-state which means they use all natural, raw and certified organic ingredients and nothing else. There is no added sugar, dairy, gluten, cholesterol, salt, hardened fats, oils or chemical nasties. Each product is made from just one pure, raw ingredient and is readily available in Australia in many locations including the leading supermarkets.

If you want to learn more about Mayver’s Pure State Foods or where to get your spending hands on their revolutionary products, go and check them out – you know you’re intrigued!

It all started when the Director of Mayver’s, Paul Raff, turned up at my door and dropped off a few light blue boxes containing the new pure state goodies. Over the next week and a bit, I cooked, styled, shoot and ate eight amazing recipes based around these bottled and amazing pure state goodness.

Hazelnut Cacao Coconut Bombs
Hazelnut Cacao Muesli Slice
Peanut Coconut Sesame Date Pastry Bites
Pepita Bruschetta
Pepita Pear Rocket Gorgonzola Pizza
Pomegranate Sweet Potato Walnut Salad
Quick Smart Icy Poles
Rainbow Frittata

To check out all these Spring Recipe ideas and get a free Recipe Book, cruise on over to

I had four stand out, must have, add to my regular meal planning, GIVE IT TO ME NOW dishes that I just have to share!


Pomegranate, Sweet Potato & Tahini Walnut Salad 

There is no room for boring in this salad. Colour, texture and taste – it has it all. The idea of having sweet potato chips mixed through the salad is genius. It is complimented with a tahini dressing, which tastes like creaming and running hummus and who doesn’t like that. It was so much fun styling as well. Flicking the tahini dressing all over the tray! mmmm..hmmmm.


Pepita, Pear & Gorgonzola Pizza

Ready in no time, this pizza is an excellent snack. I only needed one go to style this baby – it is that easy. It also fuelled me through a few shoots when I didn’t have too much time to stop for lunch. Who doesn’t love pizza and experimenting? Pepita on pizza, boy does it work. Why not have the pizza and salad together? Great summer lunch for when friends come over to enjoy a Sunday afternoon!


Peanut, Coconut, Sesame & Date Bites

Another simple snack recipe that tastes ahh…mazing. A great treat that is sugar free yet so tasty. I have made these quite a few times. The filling stores well in the fridge, just keep a couple of sheets of pastry in the freezer and in 10 minutes max, you have a hot freshly baked treat that is good for you. Great one for the kids to do as well.


Hazelnut & Cacao Coconut Bombs

How could you not be proud of yourself for making these little cuties!? Another super easy recipe that is dairy and sugar free. I have always thought that making raw treats was to hard and time consuming for me, but these have totally rekindled me. I have even made them with a raspberry centre. They need to be refrigerated as they have a low melting point, but that just means they will melt in your mouth all the more!

Tell me, which recipe are your itching to try? Head on over to Mayvers to check out what it’s all about!


4 thoughts on “Being a Part of Something Revolutionary – Contributing to Mayver’s Spring 2013 Recipe Book

  1. As alaways the pictures are enticing! My girlfriend is actually looking for some sugar free recipes and the Bites and Bombs both look yummy. I just hope that the ingredients will be available easily here in Canada, most likely not the Mayvers’s brand though… Perfect timing for this post!

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