Raspberry Lovin’

two-loves-studio-raspberry-love-w(1-of-4)Today I had the pleasure of shooting recipes with raspberries as part of the ingredients. Gorgeous. So plumb. So ripe. I filled a bowl and as I carried it to the table, a few off making an almighty ‘plop’ sound as they hit the ground, signalling that they were super juicy. The recipe I was shooting was of the frozen variety, and as I had a break to let the frozen treats harden up again, I decided to do some raspberry portraiture. No tips or tricks, just pure raw beauty.


As I shifted through the punnets to find the fattest and most delightful looking raspberries, I came across a number of them that resembled hearts. Just a little reminder that love is everywhere, and in places that you least expect. Just wanted to share the love. Happy Friday everyone!



20 thoughts on “Raspberry Lovin’

    • I love this background. I just acquired it. It is an old childrens blackboard that broke. So I pulled the metal part off the front. I does have a slight green tinge to it in brighter light!

  1. I love the chalkboard background as well. It contrasts so nicely with the brightness of the berries. Looking at your work inspires me to learn about photography. My skills right now are pretty much limited to point-and-shoot, and I don’t do the best job of pointing, either!

    • Oh I am so pleased! You know I only picked up a DSLR and started my photography journey 18 months ago. Everybody has to start somewhere and starting with get you there quicker than not! I might have to do a post on the chalkboard!

      • Knowing that you only started 18 months ago is even more inspiring! I suppose there’s hope for me yet. If I do as you say and just get started. Christmas is coming; I think I have an idea for my wishlist…

      • I’m blown away to learn that you began your photography career only 18 months ago! You truly have a gift! I’ve just recently discovered your blog, and I enjoy it so very much.

  2. And a lovely Friday the 13th to you as well Rach! Oh I do love raspberries and you are right on :”pure raw beauty” :)) Beautiful pictures .. I can almost taste the berries…

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