An Interview for Light Through My Lens

Two weeks has past since I got back from my well earned holiday in Canada, but I don’t feel like I have found my feet! With a whirlwind trip to Sydney to farewell a dear friend who past away last week, which catapulted me into also taking time out to see my family, and an exciting photo project coming up next week, the time has absolutely flown!

Just before I left for Canada, Katrina from Light Through My Lens contacted me after she came across TLS and connected with the enthusiam that poured off the pages. She has a blog that is dedicated to the technical and creative use of light in photography, inspiring images and the stories behind them. She features a range of talented photographers through personal and interesting interviews about how they interpret and use light. She had been looking for a food photographer to get underneath what makes a great food image and to talk about the use of light in food photography. She asked me to get amongst her questions and share my passions with her audience. I was pretty touched that she asked me and of course I said yes!

Screen Shot 2013-08-23 at 3.26.43 PM

I found doing the interview a wonderful experience. Not only was I contributing to her, Light Through My Lens, her audience and other photographers, but I was also contributing to myself. Thinking about the answers to her questions really got me to think about my photography, my thought processes, passion and niche. It was really a unique experience.

I invite you to pop over to Light Through My Lens and check out my interview: Inspiring Photographer Interviews – Two Loves Studio. You can even ask yourself the same questions and think about what is true for you!

Over the next couple of weeks I will be busily shooting for an e-recipe book for an Australian food company that is bringing out some fantastic new products. I am excited to share this with you when its wrapped up!

Much love!




2 thoughts on “An Interview for Light Through My Lens

  1. Hi Rachel, I totally agree with Katrina – reading your posts, one feels your enthusiam pouring off the pages. Couldn’t have described it better!

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