Summer Treat Feature for sisterMAG!

two-loves-studio-sistermag-feature1A few months ago, an interesting little email arrived in my inbox from Thea Neubauer, Editor-In-Chief of sisterMAG, inviting me to contribute to one of her editions. sisterMAG is a new digital magazine that is published bi-monthly and targets a group of females which has been neglected by traditional publishing houses and editorial departments: the many up-and-coming, well educated, very active and independent women, which are enthusiastic for the digital world and want to be presented with new and exciting content in a visually appealing way.

Of course I absolutely wanted to be a part of this and Thea and I brainstormed some recipe and image directions I could take for their latest issue. The theme for this issue, no.8, is ‘Grand Hotel’, inspired by the novel of Vicki Baum about a hotel in the 1920’s. The issue is divided up into sections of the hotel – the minibar, my destination! Pretty excited about my first magazine feature, I spent a few days getting the desserts perfect, the jars perfect and of course the shots.

The magazine is based in Berlin, Germany and being summer right now and a summer issue, my dessert was seasonally in line – Layered Summer Gelée.

Head on over and check out the article! I will be posting the recipe and more pics here during the week, but there are a bunch of other awesome articles you have to check out so you can read the rest of the mag here.



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