Lychee & Chardonnay Granita


This is the first time I have made granita and I am now asking myself why I hadn’t made this earlier? It is so easy and so easy to make any flavour. Lychee, my flavour poison, was first on the list. I went through a phase a few months ago of having all sorts of lychee cocktails and since cutting out sugar, I’ve missed its uniqueness.

Even though we are moving into winter here in Melbourne, the idea that I wanted to make lychee granita just came to me when I was getting ready for work one morning. I love it when ideas just come out of left field. Although we might be two weeks out from winter, it was the perfect day to make a frozen treat. The sun was shinning down on a very balmy day and I had the day off to enjoy it.

two-loves-studio-lychee-granita-1I thought chardonnay would be a good match to compliment the lychee and to add a little booziness. Its addition might also have something to do with the fact that my Mum and Dad bought me a case of nice chardonnay in the new year. I am not normally a fan of chardonnay but this one was extremely nice for its small price tag. I decided to only add mint as a garnish as I didn’t want it to overpower the lychee, cause let’s be honest, its pretty perfect on its own.

I am eating it right now as a late night treat as I sit here writing this post whilst simultaneously watching the third hour of Sex & The City reruns on tv!

Lychee & Chardonnay Granita

Serves 6


1 cup chardonnay
1 cup water
565g can lychees in syrup, drained and rinsed
Bunch of fresh mint for garnish, torn


Place a metal slice pan in the freezer to chill.

Place chardonnay, water and lychees in a blender and process until smooth and combined. Push the mixture through a fine sieve to remove any pulp. Pour into the chilled slice pan. Cover with foil and freeze for 2 hours until icy around the edges. After 2 hours, break up the icy crystals with a fork and place back in the freezer. Repeat this every 30 mins for 2 hours to create course crystals. Freeze overnight for best results. Half an hour before serving, scrap again with a folk and leave in the freezer.

Spoon evenly into glass cups, garnish with some mint and serve.

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