Kolacky Eye Candy on Mother’s Day


For those of you who don’t know, Matt and I live in Melbourne, Australia and our immediate families live in other parts of Australia and Canada. This Mother’s Day we apart from our Mothers – but they are always with us in spirit. Matt and I spent some time with my Mum when we were in Sydney for a friend’s wedding last month, but we will not be seeing Matt’s Mom until later this year.

As well as sending the usual greetings and warm wishes to our amazing Mothers, Matt decided it would be nice to make a Czech dessert that his family makes, Kolacky, with his favourite filling – ground poppy seeds, and I would photograph them for Vera and Annette. We even made them into an e-card for each of them.

Although neither of them got to taste these delightful pastries, I know they will enjoy this post and we will all feel a little closer today when we can’t all physically be together.

So from Matt and I, Happiest of Mother’s Days Vera and Annette. You fill our lives with joy. We love you.


When Matt was a kid, his family used to buy Kolacky from a lady in their local Czech community. Once she retired, she passed on the recipe to Matt’s family and they started to make these desserts for themselves.

Kolacky is a baked pastry with a jam like filling. This particular variety has a ground poppy-seed, cinnamon and vanilla sugar filling. Just before its baked, a mixture of sugar, butter and flour is added to the top. Matt made a few without the sugar mixture so I could taste them. As I don’t eat sugary treats – these were quite sweet for me, but the one I did have was delightful, warm, coupled with a glass of milk – lovely for my first taste.

The Kolacky we made is going to have to be eye-candy as I am keeping the recipe with us. I don’t like being a tease and not sharing recipes, but sometimes good things are better kept a secret. I hope all Mother’s out there are having an awesome day and know how much they contribute to our lives!



6 thoughts on “Kolacky Eye Candy on Mother’s Day

  1. Thanks so much Rachel and Matt! They do look delicious and I am sure you enjoyed one each for both myself and Vera!

  2. Needless to say I LOVE this post! Thanks for putting all the love and work into the Kolacky and the photos and the comments. I love you guys! Vera (aka mama)

  3. Love the pics as usual, especially how there’s a bite taken out of one and crumbs everywhere. It probably drives those with OCD crazy, but we all could use a few scattered crumbs in life! đŸ™‚

    • A few crumbs is always good! I actually got Matt to take a bite out if it, but his bite was so perfect it looked fake so I had to fix it up to look more natural. Too funny!

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