Down a Laneway – Degraves Street Melbourne

I absolutely love food photography. It lights me up inside – it makes me excited! I also like to just take photos of things I see, create art in a space other than my apartment with a subject other than I food I have made.

A friend and fellow photographer, Marie Angela, that I met at a leadership course I am currently undertaking, decided that we would hit the laneways of Melbourne, talk to the restaurant owners and capture the interactions of peoples existing in the spaces where we eat food. For those of you who don’t know, Melbourne is famous for turning the laneways and alleyways around the city into hubs for great food, coffee and culture.

Marie Angela and I had the best time that we thought we would turn this into a regular event.

For our first expedition we explored Degraves Street in downtown Melbourne.

two-loves-studio-degraves-street-melbourne1two-loves-studio-degraves-street-melbourne2 two-loves-studio-degraves-street-melbourne3 two-loves-studio-degraves-street-melbourne4two-loves-studio-degraves-street-melbourne5 two-loves-studio-degraves-street-melbourne6 two-loves-studio-degraves-street-melbourne7two-loves-studio-degraves-street-melbourne9two-loves-studio-degraves-street-melbourne10two-loves-studio-degraves-street-melbourne11two-loves-studio-degraves-street-melbourne12 two-loves-studio-degraves-street-melbourne13


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