Ruby Red Rosehip Tea

pswKOR_5189Here in Melbourne we have had a few weeks now of hot and humid weather, but the last two days have been rain. After walking home in the rain, I just wanted to curl up on the couch and have a nice spot of tea. As the delightful T2 store on Chapel St is on my walk home, I stopped in to buy a new teapot and some tea – Ruby Red Rosehip.

T2 have been featuring rose flavoured teas this month. It’s time to smell the roses and a cup of blossoms promises love at first sip.

pswKOR_5188Ruby Red Rosehip is made up of Rosehips, hibiscus petals and roses. The roses give it a floral taste, whilst the hibiscus brings tartness to the cup. Cleansing, full of Vitamin C it is simply delicious. See T2 for their selection of rose tea this month.


Ruby Red Rosehip Tea
1 teaspoon rosehip
1 teaspoon hibiscus flowers, dried

A few small edible rosebuds


Add the rosehip, hisbiscus flowers and roses to 500mls of boiling water (add more for weaker tea) and brew for 3-5 minutes.


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