Dutch Hot Chocolate


Last week this was my favourite treat to have after dinner whilst I relaxed before bed – Dutch Hot Chocolate made from premium cocoa powder. I am a huge chai latte fan and never order hot chocolate when I am out until I ordered one at my favourite local brunch place – Two Birds One Stone. It was like liquid gold.
I had this Dutch Processed Premium Cocoa Powder with no additives or sugar that I bought for a chocolate ice cream post coming up and I decided to make hot chocolate to reminisce. It became a household favourite.
I shot this last week as I loved it so much that I thought I would share. Also last week I was made aware that I have a few food intolerances. So I have started cutting a lot of foods out to get a handle on it all. So besides sharing this with you, it is also a tribute post – as right now my heart wants one, but my head says no!
This recipe is so simple and great because you can make it your own. Add honey, or other natural sugar, use your favourite type of milk, soy milk etc. You could even add a pinch of cayenne pepper (which is coming up in an ice cream post!).



Dutch Hot Chocolate
Serves one

1 heaped teaspoon premium quality cocoa powder
1 teaspoon sugar (optional)
pinch of cinnamon
1 cup of full cream milk

In a small saucepan, add the cocoa powder, sugar and cinnamon with 4 teaspoons of boiling water. Stir until cocoa is dissolved and resembles a paste. Add the milk and stir. Boil on a medium heat and serve.

9 thoughts on “Dutch Hot Chocolate

  1. Now this looks just perfect for our time-of-theyear – going down to minus 15 Celsius tonight… Great pictures Rachel. Sorry to hear about your food intolerances – that is never fun 😦

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