Merry Christmas from Melbourne and vanilkové rohlíčky


Christmas is upon us and I am sure you are all making last minute preparations for the holiday festivities! Matt and I spent our last days before Christmas making vanilkové rohlíčky – traditional Czech vanilla crescent cookies. A tradition in Matt’s family, he has made these cookies with his family his whole life. He is very passionate about making them and boy do they taste good. We made a batch big enough to feed an army of hungry Christmas folk! I don’t usually capture food being made, but wanted you to enjoy the process that Matt has enjoyed each Christmas.


Unfortunately I have not included the recipe in this post. Sometimes good things need to be kept a secret! Come round to my place one Christmas and you can be assured to sample one of these little babies (or ten!). Instead I will leave you with a Merry Christmas from Melbourne and I’ll be back in 2013. The Town Hall in the center of the city was alight with a spectacular light projection show.

Merry Christmas and thank you for all your support this year!



11 thoughts on “Merry Christmas from Melbourne and vanilkové rohlíčky

  1. It looks like you and Matt had a lot of fun making those cookies – I think that is more than half the joy in baking, doing it with someone you care about and knowing you’re going to bless others with the final product. They look similar to what we call Mexican Wedding Cookies or Sandies here in the States – but ours are either in the traditional cookie shape or in a ball.

    I love the pics of City Hall, and how awesome that they do that! Walt Disney World does that with Cinderella’s Castle each night, and it really adds to the fireworks display – but to see it on such a beautiful City Hall building, wow! And I especially like how they are not afraid to boldly declare a Merry Christmas… sad that we are becoming so politically correct here in the US that you don’t see that in many major cities for fear of offending someone.

    So let me wish you and Matt a VERY Merry Christmas! I’m looking forward to what you’ll post in 2013!

    • Merry Christmas to you too Barry! It is lovely to bake something that is traditional and so old. Australians don’t have many old traditions. Since Matt’s family are in Canada it is nice that they can see these photos and feel like they are with us.

      Yes the light projection was amazing and very special. We are not immune to the ‘we can’t say Merry Christmas’ thing either, but overall it is pretty common so we are blessed in that respect.

      Have a great holiday season and all the best for a prosperous new year!

  2. Well, the baking pictures sure brought a smile to my face 🙂 And I love the Kozel Beer on the side, that always makes things go better! Thank you for keeping our family recipe a secret, it has been in the family for over 100 years. And what a contrast with the VERY colourful pictures of the Town Hall. The light show looks really spectacular and you captured it so well. Merry Christmas!

    • Yes I can’t wait to have the Kozel – I love the dark one. Your welcome, its nice to have tradition 🙂 I am very pleased that you all enjoyed the photos. You guys were the other reason I posted these pics!

  3. Merry Christmas Rachel-Jane & Matt. I’ve loved following your work this year, its been excellent. I look forward to following your travels & TwoLoves work next year.

    Best wishes to you both for a fantastic 2013. 🙂 X

    • Thanks John! Matt and I have enjoyed your friendship and work over the year and we look forward to having your support throughout 2013. Merry Christmas and I wish you a prosperous new year 🙂

    • Thanks lovely! I do love how the black and white tones just cut the excess and just let the story be told. This is a lightroom preset – cream tone and its my absolute favourite. I dont often feel that I can use black and white in food photography – something which I am hoping to explore more!

      Merry Christmas to you too and have a prosperous new year. I look forward to your work in 2013 🙂

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