Innocent Bystander Moscato Mojitos and Jimmy Overalls


A recent sunny Sunday afternoon, I sat back and sipped on a bright pink can of moscato – yes a can of wine! As I put my drink down, I noticed I was getting a thumbs up from a few guys sitting opposite me – they too were sipping on bright pink cans of wine and they approved of my beverage choice. A couple of hours later as one of them walked past me, I realised that the image on his t-shirt was that on the can. His name was Jimmy Overalls and he was eager to share his passion for his product with me. I now learned all about Innocent Bystander, a boutique winery in Healesville Victoria, and their moscato.


My Dad was with me at the time and as an avid wine fan he had loads of questions for Jimmy Overalls. We chatted about many facets of his wine and winery, and more importantly about the can – a true purple cow. Jimmy asked me how did I find the taste when I sipped the moscato from the can. A little embarrassed I admitted that I had poured the contents of the can straight into my plastic wineglass. Jimmy educated me on how the combination of the wine and the metal from the can enhanced the flavour of the moscato and the drinking experience. I enjoyed my chat with Jimmy as not only did he give me a 4-pack sampler of the moscato but his product was unique and he was driven by a passion to do something different.
This post’s recipe for Moscato Mojitos was given to me by Jimmy Overalls – a unique variation on a regular mojito. You just substitute the sugar and soda water for one of our cans of moscato’This substitution makes this recipe a 4 ingredient cocktail with a twist – easy and refreshing. So the first free weekend that I had, I whipped up a couple of these and drank them all to myself before I had to clean my apartment.
collage-1psw_DSC3081Innocent Bystander Moscato Mojitos
Serves 1
1 shot white rum
5 fresh mint leaves torn
1/4 lime (sliced or quartered)
1 can innocent bystander moscato
(1 cup)
In a glass with ice add the rum, mint leaves and limes. You can lightly squeeze the lime pieces before dropping them into your glass. Top up the glass with the can of moscato and serve immediately!

45 thoughts on “Innocent Bystander Moscato Mojitos and Jimmy Overalls

  1. Can’t wait to try this. It’s great to have another option when you don’t want to open a whole bottle of wine. Fantastic photos too Rachel

  2. Rachel… This is fantastic! You now have me as a new follower on your blog! I’m also looking forward to one day trying this recipe. If your detailed and tempting description didn’t do the trick, your amazing photos have certainly swayed me! Xx

  3. Seriously mouth watering pics!! I am going to make this for Christmas lunch. It looks so light and refreshing. Love the colours and atmosphere of summer fun created in these pics! Yum!!

    • Seriously yes! I actually hadn’t thought of Christmas lunch – but this is perfect. It is so light, summery and complimentary. Plus the colour is enticing. You should definitely send me a pic when you make them!

  4. Awesome pics Rach! And Moscato in a can? I have to try it! After all, moscato is the only wine I really like so seeing it in you blog must be a sign!

  5. Rach these pics are stunning. The innocent bystander mojitos are first on the list for the weekend – where do they stock that moscato?

  6. Very intriguing idea, wine in a can. Since I do live a long way away and the idea of having a summery drink on Christmas lunch is hopefully not an option (we do like our snow in Canada 🙂 ), I did the next best thing – googled the Innocent Bystander winery in the Yarra Valley. Sounds very appealing and inviting. I am penciling it in for our future trip to Australia!! Yummy pictures – as always!

  7. This looks so yummy, I want to go home and make them tonight! But where do I get the pink innocent bystander moscato cans? What a great idea, wine in a can. Stunning photos. xox

  8. Absolutely love your work. These photos are gorgeous and makes me want to have that drink right now! Thanks for sharing your talent

  9. Love this one Rach! Love the recipe, love the pics. Hard to believe you do this as a hobby! One day I will be bragging to my friend about how I used to work with you when you become the recognised superstar photograph you already are 🙂

  10. Mmmm takes me back to when I was in Spain sipping on Mojitos! Love the colour popping in the pictures – makes me want to make one now! Where do we buy?

  11. My biggest mistake was jumping on this log during lunchtime. Absolute torture. P.S Can I come to your house for Xmas lunch?? I’ll pay you!

  12. Love the images Rach – there are so appetising that i request you send a chilled one through the mail to me, especially as the Mascato was through my second ticket:-)

    • That is perfect Daisy! Great explanation. I love my work to look like a painting on a canvas when you can inhale it all at once but there are so many places to rest your eye – it is really up to you! 🙂

  13. Absolutely gorgeous! I have a little obsession with Innocent Bystander and a friend just sent me a case of these moscato cans as an engagement gift – this recipe couldn’t have come at a better time!

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