Rachel’s Getting Married!

Two Loves Studio is oozing love in this post as Rachel is getting married! If you know me well, your heart is probably pounding very fast right now as you think ‘when did this happen!’ – well the Rachel I am referring to is not me, Rachel Jane, but a friend of mine’s daughter who is also named Rachel, (an awesome name if I do say so myself!).
I was pretty chuffed when I was asked by my friend to capture the love and effortless beauty of the happy couple at their engagement party! The whole afternoon was perfect and the guests were treated to an amazing smorgasbord of alfresco dinning. It wasn’t too hard for me to restrain myself from photographing the food as I was too busy eating it!
Although this post doesn’t contain food, it does contain love – in fact two loves, the love of Rachel and Ben as they celebrate the beginning of an amazing journey! So I figured this was a perfect post to share with you all – and give you a chance to see my photography outside of food.


4 thoughts on “Rachel’s Getting Married!

  1. As mum of Rachel and future mother-in-law of Ben, I have say you have truly captured the love between them, we were so lucky to grab you before you left for your new life in Melbourne….from the bottom of my heart, thank you! “Rachel’s getting married” is just beautiful 🙂

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