Lychee, Raspberry & Rosewater Fizz

I was flipping through a few recipe books that my sister owns when I picked up one with 500 recipes on juices. I was taken by this one as presently I am addicted to all things lychee! Raspberries were just coming into season, but were still wicked expensive so I bought them snap frozen for one third of the price.

I was pretty excited to both try this recipe and photograph it, so I decided to make it a day ahead of when I was scheduled to shoot it and save the bulk of it for the shoot. What could go wrong? Well, I guess nothing went wrong, I was just surprised to find the change in colour in the juice when I opened the fridge the next day. The juice went from the lovely and succulent raspberry colour it was when freshly made to this outrageous and fun purple colour. There was no difference in the taste and was just as good as when I first made it. The most likely explanation is that over night the juice oxidised and turned into the shade of ‘outrageous purple’. I didn’t know whether to be disappointed or excited! I always want to have my photography mirror the true colour, texture, nature and feel of the dishes I make and so having the juice resemble its succulent raspberry colour was preferable. On the other hand, photographing it’s outrageous purple qualities is still being true to the dish and I felt that I could not let this colour slip by and decided to go ahead and shoot it regardless.

I decided to have a little more fun with this shoot and play around with colour. A combination of colours that would smack you in the face – just like it smacked me in the face when I opened the fridge door!

Lychee,  Raspberry & Rosewater Fizz
Makes approx 1 litre
2 cups peeled and pitted lychees
1 cups raspberries
1 teaspoons rosewater
2 tablespoons lychee syrup
1 litre of soda water
(you can use a can of peeled and pitted lychees in syrup which combines two ingredients in one purchase!)
Using a juice extractor, extract the juice from the lychees and raspberries and pour into a serving jug.
Stir in the rosewater. Add the lychee syrup, (I recommend adding one half of the lychee syrup first and then adding the other half to taste. You can even add more if you have a sweet tooth or love the flavour like me).
Add the soda water to the jug and serve immediately, (or leave over night in an airtight bottle to get the ‘outrageous purple’ colour!).

8 thoughts on “Lychee, Raspberry & Rosewater Fizz

  1. I love the photos as always, the details are great. Not sure I could drink it though. It maybe just me, but the colours of food do play a part in the anticipation of what the food will taste like. This may be born out of my wife’s cooking where the food is normally black!! 🙂

    • Yeah I totally hear you – you’re spot on. Although we all so love coca cola and its a horrible brown colour. I would be interested to know if the colour change happens for others! Maybe something fun for Halloween?

  2. Hi! love love the pic!! but can i ask something? i tried making this and its not the colour i got 😦 it turned red/pink cuz my raspberries where red and lychees were white. did i do something wrong? i so wanted this colour!!

    • Hi Elly K – it is a stunning colour isn’t it. I totally got it back accident. I made the juice like you did and it was a warm rich raspberry colour and put it in the fridge overnight and when I came back to it – it was purple. I believe the fruit oxidised overnight (like when apple flesh turns brown to the air)! I would try pre-preparing it and leaving it to rest overnight in the fridge. I wrote in my post that I was tossing up whether to shoot it or not as the colour had changed but I’d be interested to see whether it happens to you or not! Let me know how you go 🙂

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