All you need is love…

Next week will mark one month since I moved to Melbourne and I just don’t know where the time has gone. Moving is always time-consuming and I feel like all my spare time has been taken up by trips to Ikea and endless hours on the phone sorting out internet and gas. My time for photography has been non-existent and I have been feeling a little down about it. I really don’t feel complete when it is not active in my life. I am now re-committing to my photography, my love and really – all you need is love…and a little chocolate now and then, which is what I am going to leave you with now.

There is this gorgeous handmade chocolate place up the road from my house and I stopped in there one day on my way home and said, “give me 4 of the most unusual flavours you have”! The two stand out chocolates for me were Grapefruit and Ginger, and Elderflower. I only snapped a few pics because, after I took the shot of the chocolate that had been bitten into, I put the camera down and ate the whole box…just before dinner too! whoops.



13 thoughts on “All you need is love…

  1. Hi Rach! Good to see you’re still finding time for the photography, keep it up, it’s looking good. A lovely relaxed sense of composition. Hope all’s well with Melbourne, it will always take time to settle in.

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