The Ultimate Buy, Borrow or Steal

This week I was lucky enough to squeeze in a day of shooting at my best friend’s mum’s house.  It is one of my favourite places to visit. Every time I visit I feel like part of the family. I am fed well, very well, and have never eaten the same meal twice. We have long conversations on the verandah when the weather is good and are always treated to a night of laughter with board games after dinner.
Another reason I love this place is that it is immaculately decorated by my besties mum, who is a talented artist. For a day I had free range of her place and all the goodies and collectables inside. I was like a kid in a candy store! Almost overwhelmed by the choice I had for plates. There must be without a doubt 100 gorgeous vintage plates from all over the globe.
I had so many shoot ideas running through my head. In the end I chose to do a croissant shoot and a juice shoot, (posts to come). I feel that the photos easily conveyed the feelings and ideas I had in my head simply because of the props. Building a collection of props is pricey and time consuming. Definitely awesome that I can pop over to someone’s house for a day.
Here are a few photos I took of the marvelous variety of food photography props I had available to me!
Do you know someone who has an amazing location for your photography?


7 thoughts on “The Ultimate Buy, Borrow or Steal

  1. What a beautiful cupboard! I thought my two special pieces of china were great but how I would love to have a tea party with these at my disposal…

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