Whimsical Cupcake Decorating on the First Day of Spring!

For those of us who live in the southern hemisphere, we are happily welcoming the start of Spring! What better way to spend the first day of Spring than to decorate gorgeous vanilla cupcakes with pastel coloured fondant and handmade gold decorations with your sister!? And that is just what we did!
My sister kindly organised an afternoon of cupcake decorating with Whimsical Cakehouse. Two hours were spent preparing and decorating 6 vanilla cupcakes with a class of twenty participants and three teachers. All tools and ingredients were provided so we could practice on laying fondant, molding, painting and placing royal icing decorations. This is a great party idea for birthdays, girls weekends or hens nights! Check out the Whimsical Cakehouse website for courses and locations.

Above are the 6 cupcakes I decorated and got to take home to show off my newly developed cake decorating skills! The yellow and green fondant styles are my favourite designs.


The vanilla cupcakes to be decorated were made and ready waiting for us. Firstly we were shown what tools to use and how the process was going to work. Then we started to cut off the tops of the cupcakes and hollow out the top of each cupcake to fill with ganache. Ganache is a chocolate cream mix that adds a delicious filling to the cupcake and makes a great base in which to stick the fondant icing to. For these particular cupcakes we used white chocolate ganache in a 3:1 ratio of white chocolate to cream.
We then smoothed the ganache with a hot, slightly wet knife before brushing it with a gluing syrup made from jam, water and Cointreau. The fondant icing was pre-made and cut in a number of colours. We were then free to choose what colours we wanted and shown how apply it to the top of our cupcake so it was smooth.

Next came the tricky part! Making the decorations from royal icing. We had a number of moulds with different patterns in which to choose from. We smoothed the royal icing into the moulds, let it set for a few minutes and popped them out. With a little patience and care we now had some delicate decorations. Next we painted the decorations with gold lustre (edible dust). A few coats were painted until they were ready to be placed on the cupcakes. The decorations were kept in place with icing applied from a piping bag. For the final touches, we piped a few dots of icing on the fondant and gently brushed them with gold lustre – whola!

I packed up my 6-pack of cupcakes into a box ready to come home with me for a photo shoot!


I wanted to shoot the cupcakes with a spring feeling, so outside I went. The sun was beautiful today and I was spoilt for choice with the abundance of flowers out in bloom at the moment. We have this gorgeous ornamental quince tree in the yard which is out in full bloom. With a little wooden table and a picnic rug, I was ready to go. The afternoon sun was bright, so I used a double sheet on a clothes rack to diffuse the harsh light. I spent maybe 20 minutes snapping, then it was time to eat the cupcakes!

They were smooth, moist and simply delicious – and the white chocolate ganache, to die for!

I normally edit all my photos in Lightroom, but these I edited in Photoshop with some fairy tale actions to enhance the lovely spring feeling. An ideal way to start Spring in my opinion!



8 thoughts on “Whimsical Cupcake Decorating on the First Day of Spring!

  1. I would love to experience spring but unfortunatly I live in Switzerland and we are moving in to rain and cold:-(
    Looking forward to skiing but that only happens after christmas. Beautiful cupcakes. You would make a fortune here with those. The swiss love edible art.

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