Meet Rachel Jane

Recently I had the opportunity to work with a photographer friend of mine Nelson from FIN Photography. We were doing a fashion shoot and he kindly took a few portraits for me to add to my blog! (Hair and make-up by Elina).
As this blog showcases the creative partnership between my camera and my creative vision, I wanted portraits that included my camera, (well maybe not my camera, but at least the brand I shoot with!), but not the classic shots of me looking through it.
This post is to put a face to the name behind Two Loves Studio and to revamp my ‘About’ page!

Hi, my name is Rachel Jane and welcome to my blog!
I am the creative vision behind the concept and photographic art of Two Loves Studio.
Two Loves Studio is a space in which I can share my journey into the world of food photography. A space where I can share my photos, the recipes featured in my work and the obstacles and tips I come across when shooting.
You’re here because you are curious to find out a little bit more about me, Rachel Jane.
Taking photos is a passion of mine. I love the creativity and endless possibility. I am a twenty-something Australian whose passion for photography was awakened by my current partner. I have always had a creative side, but it lay dormant for many years as I focused on the ‘academic’ aspects in my life which I have never found great joy from. So when I picked up a camera and started to shoot food in March 2012, it was no surprise that I wasn’t half bad at it.
I am a self taught photographer, who is lucky to be surrounded by people who share my passion and help me learn along the way.
I shoot Nikon and just purchased a second hand D300 to document my visions.
When I was growing up, I used to tell people that my dream job would be a jewellery designer. Nowadays, it’s a food and lifestyle photographer. My ultimate goal is to shoot food for high end media and cook books! But the first step starts here!

I knew about food photography, but I didn’t really ‘know’ about it until I was blessed to find Helene Dujardin’s Plate to Pixel book when I was on holidays. I am totally captivated by her work and she ignited my love affair.

I adore all sorts of food. There are only two things that I am opposed to eating and that is fish and cauliflower! I love to cook, eat and enjoy a glass of champagne every now and again. I am a bit of an ‘over-eater’, but luckily it doesn’t hurt my figure – check in with me when I am forty and I am sure it will be a different story.
My favourite food is Asian cuisine, I adore soups at any time of the year and I’ll eat chocolate at any hour of the day. When I was a child the first question I would ask my mum was ‘what’s for dinner’. My moods are dictated by food and the first tip my mother gave to my partner was ‘she gets cranky when she is hungry’.

I love to travel, be active, play netball and yoga. I don’t watch much tv, but I do spend too much time on my computer! When I have time on my hands you will find me in a bookshop flipping and drooling over the pages in cookbooks, taking mental notes and just savouring the eye candy. My favourite colour is green, I hate brushing my teeth and I have a small amount of synesthesia.

I am a bit of a perfectionist and I have high expectation for myself and my work. I am my biggest critic.

I like to plan my shoots and sleep on my ideas. I shoot by two rules I learned from photographer Steve Simon; ‘It’s all been done before, do it better” and “keep shooting until you have exhausted all possibilities and angles”.

Why Two Loves Studio? I spent many days thinking of a name. I said to myself what is food and photography to me – my two loves, and it just felt right!


7 thoughts on “Meet Rachel Jane

  1. Love the new page and pics, Rachel Jane! I too can eat about anything, but don’t like fish or cauliflower! Well, I do like fried clam strips and have fallen in love with something called “Bang Bang Shrimp” at a local restaraunt. I guess the old addage that as you get older your tastebuds change is true. Enjoying the journey with you… keep the posts coming! 🙂

  2. Nice to meet you Rachel Jane! Reading parts of this I felt like I could have been reading my own bio! It sounds like similar paths have led us to food photography and we also share similar aspirations – here’s to great success all round (which I have no doubt you will achieve, and soon!) Keep the beautiful pics coming 🙂

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