Create A Candy-bar For Your Wedding Guests!

A friend of mine, Jessica, recently got married and posted wonderful wedding photos by the talented Seth Buchananon her facebook. I was immediately captivated by ‘the lolly-bar’ Jessica and her husband Jono created on their wedding day.

It is such a fun and inviting idea – I just had to share it with you. Plus the photography and styling is, well…’eye candy’!

Jess decided to incorporate a candy-bar into her wedding after she cherished the experience she had at a friend’s wedding. She wanted the gifts for her guests to be individual and unique but also include autonomy for her family and friends to choose what they wanted!
Stylishly, Jess and Jono chose candy in pastels and soft colours that complimented the colour theme of their wedding and reception venue. They also kept in mind their guests’ favourites and provided a variety to meet everyones individual needs.
Jess and Jono got so much enjoyment out of watching their guests fill their personalised bags with candy:
“Our guests loved the interaction and their excitement was almost childlike. Watching them all over there, stuffing lollies into the bags…and their mouths!…we only wish we had more left overs.”

Jess recalls having fun buying the candy in the lead up to the wedding, “it kind of gave us a break from the stress and business of organising. Every week we would buy a few more bags to add to the collection, and our family and friends would do the same”.
On a budget of $200, Jess and Jono were able to provide this spectacular candy bar experience for their guests! This included over 15 different varieties of candy, the elegant glass jars and the personalised bags which Jess hand made. When the evening was over, the staff at their wedding were invited to treat themselves as well!
Candy that Jess used for her wedding:
-marshmallows (white and pink)
-kool mints
-conversation hearts/candy rolls (with words like “I LOVE YOU” ” THE ONE”)
-strawberries and creams
-Chicko Babies
-sherbert lollie pops
-strawberry and white chocolate bullets
-caramel jerseys
-licourice allsorts
-caramel buds
-Hersheys peanut butter cups
-Chocolate freckles
-coke bottles
-Sour worms
-a friend also made me some peanut butter and chocolate balls, which had a great home made’ with love’ feel
Thank you Jess and Jono for sharing this magical experience with us!

Enjoy xx

Credits: All photos were taken by Seth Buchanan and are copyright of the photographer and the Bride Jessica. These photos are not to be used or reproduced without prior consent.


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