Borrowing – That’s What Mums Are For!

My last post in the Buy, Borrow or Steal series revealed that ‘borrowing’ was coming last – with a total of zero posts! I decided to do something about it!

I needed to take some photos to try out three lenses I had been given for a potential purchase. I just felt like setting up a nice table setting to test out the lenses. Perfect opportunity to ‘borrow’ a few things – or everything really!

I had a great time going through all the cupboards (even the china cabinet) to get bits and pieces for the spread. I found the cutest little sugar jar complete with the world’s smallest spoon!Even this gorgeous flower patterned serviette (which was made of the thinnest tissue paper you can image) was borrowed before I carefully placed it back in the packet (no one will ever know!).

There are three pieces in this shot that were hand painted by my Grandmother – I know fellow blogger Barry will just love this fact!

Why not ask a friend if you can do a shoot at their place? Borrow a few things (or everything)! Bribe them with the yummy delicious food that will feature in your photos!

HINT! Use raw sugar when your setting is predominantly white!

Which has been your favourite Buy, Borrow or Steal thus far?



9 thoughts on “Borrowing – That’s What Mums Are For!

  1. These are fabulous photos Rachel! The colours are striking and compliment each other really well. My only comment to improve is that they cake spade could have had the fingermarks polished off first!

  2. This one is my favourite so far!!! So much going on in here. None of it looks real. The colours remind me of the family lunches we would have at my grandmothers place. Only difference is there would be less space and more food everywhere haha šŸ™‚


  3. As a teenager, I inherited very oldfashioned collector’s tea cups from my grandmother which really belonged to my mother. At that age I found them ugly and gave them back to my mum. Last year I remembered them because they’d be fantastic for props in food posts – and learned she had just given them to the church bazar two weeks earlier… šŸ˜¦

    • I totally know what you mean. You find a new appreciation for things when you start to shoot food. Such a shame that your mum had given them away. I often reminisce about old props we used to have around the house when I was a kid, thinking they would be so useful now – but unfortunately they are long gone now!

  4. Rachel Jane, thanks so much for the mention – quite a nice surprise! I’ve told you that I like this direction of the blog – it’s very clever. And as always, your pictures are amazing. The ripeness of the strawberries really makes them pop with color – a nice, bright contrast to the muted color in everything else! How old are the handpainted pieces? What great heirlooms they’ll be!

    “It is better to return a borrowed pot with a little something you last cooked in it.” – Native American Proverb

    • haha no worries Barry. I knew you would like the post. The pieces were made when I was a little girl, so maybe about 20 years old. My mum has a number of hand painted pieces that I would love to inherit! Love the proverb. Very fitting.

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