Bought and stole – cheese board, plate and jug.

In this episode of Buy, Borrow or Steal features one ‘buy’ and two ‘steals’!

My first ‘buy’ in this series goes to a good-looking cheese/chopping board made out of wood. I have seen my favourite food photographers use boards like this in their work so I was pleased to see one like this for only $29.99. (And even then it was kind of a steal because a very good friend of mine gave me a gift voucher to a local home wares store for my birthday!)

The little pink jug came from my sister. She no longer had use for it and so donated it to my cause! Thanks Emz.

Lastly, I did a huge cleanup over the past weekend, throwing out things that just sit around collecting dust. This little plate came with a candle and rocks – an ornamental piece that I have had for years. The amount of dust it collected made it a worthy candidate for the trash. However I thought that the plate might come in handy for a sweet shoot! I can just see a dainty little cupcake sitting on it. Don’t you think?

So far the ‘steal’ category is winning the race. Four Steal posts and one Bought. Next a Borrow perhaps? 😉


9 thoughts on “Bought and stole – cheese board, plate and jug.

  1. What can we say anymore. You are awesome and that’s pretty much it.
    If I find anything I think is interesting I’ll make sure to send it your way… And you can send it back so it can go under your “borrowed” category.

    Do you ever think you will shoot people?…. With a camera that is?

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  3. I seem to have missed this post completely. I love the little plate – it’s just perfect for little cute cakes and stuff! Okay, so this post was about the chopping board but I love the plate more 🙂

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