Kylie Lyons – Handprint photography

My sister, Emma Cam is also into photography – but in a different way. She is normally the one in front of the camera. I am always excited when she shares the images from her work with me so I can see other professional’s style.
I wanted to share with you the work of creative photographer Kylie Lyons at Handprint Photography. She has inspired me with some ideas – I hope you can get something from her work too!
Both Kylie and Emma have kindly allowed me to share their photos with you.
The first photo shoot Emma did with Kylie was themed ‘The Mad Hatters Tea Party’. Kylie entered the feature photo into the Canon AIPP Australian Professional Photography Competition where she received second place. It is easy to see why!

Kylie’s shares her story behind this work:
My thought plan was to show the models in the shot looking like dolls, and being framed and lit so it appears that they are  a frame on a gallery wall, but if you notice a few rose petals are falling out of the frame on the left hand side so it makes the viewer question if the situation is just a picture on a wall, or is it real, the ‘doll like’ models are coming to life in the frame.
Emma also took her little dog along, Yoda, he loves food probably more than I do! He could hardly keep himself away from the little treats and had to have a sneaky lick! Just adorable – so I thought I would share them with you!

The second shoot Emma and Kylie did was for the cover of a local community magazine – the Macarthur Magazine. Kylie explains that the brief was to create a reto 1950’s shoot of a ‘Stepford Wife’ who was placed in a modern kitchen.

What do I like about Kylie’s photography and these photos (credit mentions to other stylists involved)?
Besides her technical proficiency and the lighting, I love the creativity of the use of food in both of these shoots, the soft and inviting nature that Kylie captures in a delicate and feminine way and her ability to evoke a real sense of happiness in her work.
A special thanks goes out to Kylie, would was extremely helpful and happy to allow me to share her work and inspirations. My partner has shown me the value in working and collaborating with other photographers both in your field and others. The best work comes from interdependence! I hope this post inspired you to create something new!


*All photos are copyright to Kylie Lyons at Hand print photography and must not be used without prior consent.
Additional credit goes to Victor Novak – stylist, Tamee Renee Brancati – makeup, Sophie Papoulis – Hair for the Macarthur Magazine.


7 thoughts on “Kylie Lyons – Handprint photography

  1. I just love these pictures. Such detail. Two fantastic shoots. Clearly a talented family. Yoda, what a great name for the dog. Love it.

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