Assorted Culterly For A Steal!

Sifting through a charity store killing some time, I found a large box full of second hand cutlery!

The box was made up of bundles of spoons, knives and forks that were stuck together with stick tape. I just wanted to be able to pick and choose the individual pieces that caught my fancy.

Naughtily I plucked individual pieces from bundles to create my own super bundle. I end up with about 10 pieces of cutlery.
I was looking for individual pieces that had some character to them, so I would more likely be able to pair them with a dish I am photographing that captures the nature of the dish better than the run of the mill cutlery I use everyday.

Best of all, these pieces were an absolute STEAL! The man at the store gave them to me for $1!! I felt bad that they were so cheap, so I gave him an extra 50 cents, ( I know, a whole 50 cents!), taking the total to $1.50 for all these pieces.

Next Time I am definitely going to buy all my cutlery at the charity store. Apart from being cheap – its reusing!


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