Drinking a Sunset – Turning Water into Liquor

I just love sunsets! I love to capture them – usually with my camera, but this time I decided to capture a sunset in a glass!
So the question is, can you drink a sunset? No doubt many of us have had a cocktail that resembles a glowing sunset made from sweet tasting liquor, but for this sunset cocktail all I used was water. Then, sit back and let the reflection of the sky turn the water into liquor!



You might be asking yourself why did I do this and what does it have to do with food photography? As I mentioned, I love sunsets and I wanted to integrate a sunset into something that also translated into food and pushed me creatively. Choosing a well known symbol associated with food, the wine glass, I headed up to a great sunset lookout near my house, hoping to capture the sunset in my glass.
My shots worked out better than I had imagined. The sunset was perfect in colour with not a cloud in the sky.
I want to create art, and I am always looking for ways to think outside the box when shooting food!


The shot above depicts just how I set up for the shot. It’s simple! I just filled my glass with the elixir of life, placed it on a rock – with nothing in the background but sky!
Getting the ‘look’ is all about the getting the angle. I shot the glass against the sky from straight on or just below straight on. This allowed the sky to fill the backdrop and the glass.
The dark middle is actually the reflection of the escarpment where the sun was setting. Changing the camera angle allowed me to increase and decreased the level of dark and coloured sky throughout the glass.
These photos were shot a little under exposed and have not been enhanced in any way. All the magic in the photos is owed to the sunset and its depiction in the glass. The textured nature of the glass stem allowed for the brilliant blue of the sky to be trapped in the outline of the glass – making it stand out from the background.
They say two sunsets are never alike – different sunsets would theoretically give us many different cocktails!
I hope this post and photos have given you some inspiration to think outside the box!



22 thoughts on “Drinking a Sunset – Turning Water into Liquor

  1. I like the way the sunset reflects both in the glass and the stem (especially in the last pic) – if you hadn’t mentioned the stem I might actually have overlooked it because I was so fascinated with the top half of the glass.

    • That’s funny! I am glad I mentioned it then. It was the first thing that I noticed, but maybe that was because I was seeing the top half in my mind before the shoot.

  2. I do love your first shot best. What a fascinating “looking glass”. A great idea for sure. And then great execution.

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