Buy, Borrow or Steal!

I am starting a new segment of posts titled: Buy, Borrow or Steal!
These posts will feature food photography props that I acquire for this project. I’m on a mission to explore all available avenues to find that perfect complimentary piece!
What’s in a name?
Buy refers to $$ that I paid to take an item home, usually big dollars. I would like to think that I can afford some of these items one day.
Borrow is just that. I have been able to sweet talk someone into letting me take home their item for a few days to appear in a few photos.
Steal refers to something I have acquired…for a steal! I have either paid next to nothing for it in comparison to how cool it is, it was a freebie or I found it lying lonely in a gutter somewhere!
Making a debut for this segment is two pieces of flatware. They are a STEAL!

The entrΓ©e folk is part of a pair. I pick them up at an antique store for $2.50! I love the little badge outline in the metal of the folk. It’s classy but not over fancy, so it will compliment more dishes.
The jewel cheese knife has been in the family for generations. My mum passed it onto me to use in this project. It’s quite unique, it may take away from the dishes I shoot, but a shallow depth of field should fix that!



22 thoughts on “Buy, Borrow or Steal!

  1. Wow – again, I admire your creativity, you have the best ideas. Really looking forward to this project! Also, I like the idea of borrowing accessories from friends – will definitely keep that in mind when I visit friends the next time round πŸ™‚

    • πŸ˜€ Cheers! These days I am finding myself always analysing others accessories and how I can use them! A friend recently bought me a gift voucher to a home wares store…so excited.
      If I lived closer I would so borrow that round cooling rack I love of yours! lol

  2. Haha – you haven’t gotten over that cooling rack yet!? I love browsing home wares stores, and I always have to hold back, or else I’d buy one of everything just in case I ever want to use it in a pic…

  3. haha I love your new project! I’m already looking forward to it!! Your cheese knife looks so gorgeous! If I could live around you, defininatly I would borrow it! πŸ˜‰

  4. Love the new idea, Rachel – and I love that knife! What’s the deeper story behind it? It was passed down in family, but do you know where it was made or which family member acquired it? THAT would be interesting to know, too! πŸ™‚

    • I will have to ask my mother. I hope she knows the answer as you are right, it would be fabulously interesting. My Grandmother is no longer with us, otherwise I would ask her. I know she would love to tell me the story!

      • So the mystery deepens! So sad that so much history leaves with the generations that pass before us. I am the youngest of 7 and my dad was in WW2, and like that “silent generation” didn’t really talk about it much. It hit me a year or two after he passed how badly I wanted to know those stories and his experiences. OK, too deep for this thread I am sure, lol.

  5. The detail on the fork is exquisite….and the fork being bronze/rustic instead of the expected silver make it all the more interesting. Look forward to seeing these as part of food shoot.

    • Yes I look the detail, that is what I was drawn too. It looks so homely. I have used it already in my a-z project! Looking forward to using them again – maybe even together!

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