Macaroons by Adriano Zumbo

It has come to my attention that no food blog is complete without a post about macaroons!
My dilemma? I have never made macaroons before and truthfully, their delicateness scares me! Not to worry, Adriano Zumbo will save the day!
No ordinary pastissier, Adriano Zumbo‘s creations have received admiration from critiques and the Australian public. Cutely titled ‘Zumbarons’, Adriano Zumbo makes the most delightful macaroons with the most interesting and mouth-watering flavour combinations.
My sister lives literally two minutes walk from his new concept store which combines his Patisserie with a brightly coloured Dessert train! The colours are so inviting, you can taste the desserts even before you sit down. We have made it somewhat of a tradition whenever I go to visit.
Our latest trip was over the Easter long weekend. The ever-changing menu and flavour combinations always leaves us intrigued and excited to try the ‘latest tastes’!

Our taste buds were delighted to try the likes of: Salted Butter Caramel, Passionfruit and Tonka Bean, Finger Bun, Annunzita, Hendricks Gin & Tonic, Easter Egg Yolk and Blackened Vanilla.

With eyes too big for our stomachs, I jumped at the chance to take a few coloured samples home in his adorable boxes for this blog!
Is your mouth watering yet? Just in case it is not, let me tell you about my favourite flavours.
The small box above holds the two macaroons I enjoyed the most – Salted Butter Caramel and Passionfruit and Tonka Bean. The Passionfruit was bursting with flavour, almost taking you on a holiday in each bite. The Salted Butter Caramel was simply divine. A strong saltiness was complimented by the buttery taste.
Yum Yum!
Adriano has a number of store locations across Sydney. Hopefully the other stores have better service than the one we go to at the Star. You would think working with colourful macaroons would colour your day!? Maybe not.

2 thoughts on “Macaroons by Adriano Zumbo

  1. You scared me with that first sentence!! Because I have been meaning to give macaraons a try but so far I was too lazy. Reading the first line here, I thought I’d be under pressure now to make some, but… phew… you bought them 🙂

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