A-Z Fruit and Veg Photo Project: Q is for Quince

The variety of fruits and vegetables that start with the Q is minimal and quince was the really the only choice. I wasn’t particularly thrilled to purchase this fruit as its awkward looking, lumpy and hard to cook!

I did end up cooking it, and although it took 10 hours, it did fill the room with a lovely aroma.
To me, these photos are not particularly flattering. These were taken some weeks ago and I think it is a tribute to how far my food photography skills have come in just a few weeks!

What is this all about?



7 thoughts on “A-Z Fruit and Veg Photo Project: Q is for Quince

    • Have you heard of quince paste? U will usually find that on an antipasto platter. They are oddly shaped, very hard and take a long time to cook. You cant eat them raw. But they can be simply delightful if you can find the time to cook them!

  1. I adore quinces actually. I cook them on high heat over the stove, sauteed with some butter and then use them as a filling with pears or apples in a pie. With vanilla they add an allusive perfumey scent to the pie. I think you did a great job with them, though you might have tried photographing them against a dark background to get them to pop more. Maybe a rustic distressed walnut brown piece of wood or something. That said, I kind of love the airy feeling the white background gives them. It totally plays up the rustic gnarled look of the quinces themselves.

    I’m curious about what photo challenge you are going to do once you run out of letters!

    • This was my first attempt at cooking one. To see the change in colour itself is worth cooking them! I agree, they would compliment an apple pie. I like your idea of a walnut brown piece, that definitely would enhance the rustic qualities of the fruit. I was unsure what to do with them, but I wanted to focus on capturing their lumpiness. Like you could imagine what they would feel like to hold! I am glad you like them.

      I feel more confidence to tackle ‘dishes’ now and would like to give my readers a little bit more. So I thought I would get into a few recipes – try my luck with foodgawker! (I know your feelings on them! ;)). Do you have any tips for playing the foodgawker lottery?

      • Ha! Well I don’t know if I had any tips on foodgawker. I would definitely look at the photos on their site and see what they like and what they don’t like. I noticed that they tend to accept photos that are slightly overexposed and have lots of white space. Definitely skew more toward the Donna Hay’s style. One thing to keep in mind as well is that the photos are always cropped in a square format, so keep that in mind when composing. Good luck!

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