A-Z Fruit and Veg Photo Project: P is for Pomegranate

Fun alert! Ripping apart a pomegranate, to revel deliciously coloured seeds and juice is something you must try!

The seeds have a strange texture which you need to try to understand, but the perfect combination of sweet and tart tastes in each bite will leave you intrigued.

Scooping out the seeds is quite the ordeal, but the mesmerising colour is just fitting for food photography.


Rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, the health benefits of pomegranate juice is well worth its time-consuming nature to freshly make.

These last few photos definitely have a ‘pop’ factor, don’t you think?

What is this all about?



13 thoughts on “A-Z Fruit and Veg Photo Project: P is for Pomegranate

  1. My girlfriend told me that the best way to get the seeds out is by hand.. I found this u-tube video with HOW-TO:

    As is the case with most of your pictures – my mouth can almost taste the tart seeds…And yes – the colours sure have that pop factor!

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