A-Z Fruit and Veg Photo Project: O is for Onion

The onion family, just like the Adams family – but tastier! I simply love onions. I use all different types in almost every meal possible!

These little purplish brown cuties are shallots. I have always incorrectly called scallions shallots. I think that is a common misconception in Australia. Therefore, technically I have never had a true shallot! That will all change in a few hours as they are going in tonight’s dinner!

More compact than a regular onion, the patterns really stand out!


What is this all about?



10 thoughts on “A-Z Fruit and Veg Photo Project: O is for Onion

  1. I am with you on the confusion with shallots… and most of my recipes also contain onions. Lately I have used the Sweet variety. And this time when I looked at your pictures instead of feeling the taste, I could feel my eyes watering! I do like the reflected light.

    • I just figured it was because Aussies are lazy and we like to use one word to describe many things!
      I hope I can taste some of your recipes! Do you make sauces with onions?

      • I do! One of our family’s favorite Czech meals is “svickova” – which is basically meat with a creamy sauce. The ingredients for the sauce are Onion, Celery root, Parsnips and Carrots. After baking the vegetables with the meat, you add sour cream and a spoonful of flour and then use a blender to make the sauce. Serve with dumplings and a Czech beer 🙂 Oh yes, and cranberries.

        I promise to make it when you come to visit!!

      • I would adore that! I tasted this incredible root vegetable sauce when Matt took us to a Czech restaurant, if it wasn’t such a nice place, I would have licked the plate clean!

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