Enthusiam, Motivation and Passion are Contagious! Empower Someone.

Rachel Jane

As I began to realise that life is too short and that we all need to make time to do the things we love, I started this blog to showcase and share my hobbies – the things that  I love to do.

This space quickly gave me further inspiration to create my new project – Two Loves, my journey into food photography.

Really, I am just doing my thing! But my passion and motivation has spread to others like wildfire. I have had quite a few people contact me and tell me that something on my blog or something I am doing has inspired them, motivated them and even encouraged them to do something THEY love! It’s contagious!

Yesterday Kiki from Dinner for (N)one, told me that my enthusiasm and tenacity for my craft has motivated her to read a book she and I both possess (that I…

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