A-Z Fruit and Veg Photo Project: L is for Lemon

It has been a week since I was able to take some photos as my life at present is busy and about to get a whole lot busier! Coincidentally, it was time for the ‘L’ shoot and lemons have been my saviour this week.
Lemon, ginger and honey infused hot water – click here for a recipe post.

Up early, I took advantage of the early morning light to take some shots of the steam pouring out of the cup, (How cute is the cup? My best friend bought it for me from Japan!). It was a little tough at first, but when I finally captured it, I punched the air with excitement!


It gets better…….


There was no need for me to be anxious over not having held my camera for a week, (usually it’s everyday). I guess I possibly knew my subject well, after drinking multiple cups daily!


What is this all about?



17 thoughts on “A-Z Fruit and Veg Photo Project: L is for Lemon

  1. Look at your photos… I love them all! I’ve trid to catch up these shots so many times.. but still didn’t get any..
    and I’m falling in love your yellow mug as well!!

    • It was actually relatively easy to capture the steam for a first timer! I think the secret was the early morning light. Give it another go in the golden hours!
      Yes it’s adorable isn’t it! Perfect lemon colour also.

  2. Beautiful photos… and they make me want to run out and buy some ginger to make it! I can almost taste the drink.The yellow is so nice. I think as humans we like yellow since it reminds us so much of the sun.

  3. Capturing steam is usually pretty difficult but you did a wonderful job. I’m fond of the bottom left one actually. The way it swirls and fills the frame is beautiful. Nice job!

    • Thank you very much Irvin! (blushing) I do agree with you. I also like the nature of the swirl in that particular photo.

      I just can’t help myself. I am a little star struck that you have visited my site AND liked a photo of mine!

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