Her Two Loves – Heather Baird: Combining the love of baking and art

About six months ago I was searching for a mini cupcake recipe on the internet. I came across something even better – Sprinkle Bakes.


Sprinkle Bakes is a blog written by a cute blonde by the name of Heather Baird. She makes deserts beautiful.
Well, just how beautiful you say? With a wealth of baking blogs out there, Sprinkle Bakes is in on a whole other level.
In a recent interview by GALO – The Baking Gospel According to Sprinkle Bakes, Heather’s work is described as not your average sweet course:
“At first glance it [Sprinkle Bakes] looks like a mish-mashed word pulled from Mary Poppins or Alice in Wonderland. Her feats of baking resemble edible art. It makes sense though, when you consider Heather eats cake scraps for breakfast!”
Heather’s two loves are unmistakably baking and art – just check out her site to see the love and dedication she pours into the combining the two.
The pinnacle of her two loves will be displayed in her new book SprinkleBakes: Dessert Recipes to Inspire Your Inner Artist*. The book is due out in May, 2012 and reviews so far say it rings true to the lovely demeanor of her blog.


Inspiration Idea

Inspiration light bulbj
Heather’s deserts truly are art. The photos of her creations are focused on capturing the inventful and wacky nature of her deserts. They really do make you feel like you have stepped into another world, and is one of the reasons she has such a massive following.
If you are looking for inspiration on how to take the simple and turn it into the extraordinary, (for whatever project you are working on), then a stop by Sprinkle Bakes is a must.
Be warned however, her site is very addictive and you will be left drooling!
What do I love about Sprinkle Bakes? Her unique creativity. Her ability to create magic. Her ability to truly make ‘eye candy’!





All photos are © sprinklebakes.com                                     *I have no affiliates with this book.


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