A-Z Fruit and Veg Photo Project: I is for Iceberg

If you had told me 6 months ago that I would be taking 320 photos of an Iceberg Lettuce, I would have told you to go see a doctor. Yet, here I am doing just that.
It is not the most riveting of subjects and a quick Google Image search will only prove the point. The good news is that it this subject will test your creativity. Even if you don’t revolutionise the world of iceberg lettuce photography – you are sure to learn something.

Even if you find iceberg lettuce rather dull, you must admit that peeling each leaf from the heart to get a neat little lettuce cup is pretty cool. Those of you who love San Chow Bow will know what I mean!



Here, I stacked the lettuce cups inside one another to give the lettuce a little more depth, whilst still allowing many of its elements to show (the green tips, the yellow and white core).
This particular shoot really tested my white balance knowledge. When editing I found it super hard to get the whites and yellows right. Hopefully the end result resembles the real thing!


What is this all about?



12 thoughts on “A-Z Fruit and Veg Photo Project: I is for Iceberg

  1. That’s just awesome. 320 photos of lettuce.
    I am pleased to see, that the little annoying rust spots also exist Down Under, not just in the Great White North!

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