A-Z Fruit and Veg Photo Project: F is for Fig

This particular day was wet and gloomy and I was feeling a little intimidated by the light, (not having much experience with this particular light). I decided to continue on, as they figs were going to find themselves in a tart later that day, and find a way to portray the sweet taste and colour of the subject.
Only having three figs, and with one of them being broken, I felt limited in what I could do in terms of styling. I did however, like the look of them slightly cut to resemble a blooming flower. So I sat them in an old cast iron cupcake pan!

As I was just about to take this shot, I watched the feature fig slowly fall apart before my eyes to reveal a star shape. It worked, and this quickly turned into my favourite shot. Sometimes when things don’t turn out – it’s for the best!

What is this all about?



15 thoughts on “A-Z Fruit and Veg Photo Project: F is for Fig

  1. Hey Rachey! I have to say the first is my favourite. Why? Well for me the fig is a slightly unknown quantity. I’ve never used them in cooking and really haven’t eaten them before but by all accounts they’re quite delicious. The first photo encapsulates the unknown about it.

    Just my (possibly eccentric) thoughts!

    • You are quite right. It does portray an uncertainty to it. I like the thought of them ‘blooming’ and opening to reveal their delicious beauty within. I must agree I like this photo also!

  2. Rachel, I really loved the photos on this one. In each of your blogs you have such a way of capturing the freshness of what you are shooting. I can honestly say that I’ve only ever imagined figs in their dried up, raisiny state (was that a real word? lol). I had no idea they were such a beautiful fruit – this posting makes me want to run out and try some! And i agree with Will, I like the top photo best – just something about the way they are displayed. Keep snapping those pics for us!

    • They are a very interesting fruit and the colours are fantastic. They really are an underrated fruit. From what I have read they are quite easy to grow as well. I think the hesitance of selling the fruit is that they really don’t last longer than three days. They are so worth hunting down and making something delicious with! I am glad I have captured the freshness – I think it starts with picking the right looking pieces!

  3. wow! How beautiful all! Great job Rachel!! I really want to take a bite rigth now!! (Make me feel like I want to dig in… not that it’s too pretty to eat. p171 ;-)) I love it!!

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