A-Z Fruit and Veg Photo Project: D is for Date

Today I was not true to one of my rules of producing great work – being in the photographic zone. I was shooting this subject completely distracted. My mind was in knots from writing an essay on racial privilege for my education degree. I knew the photo shoot wouldn’t last long, so I quickly snapped the obvious.

D is a tricky one when it comes to fruit and veg. I was hoping to source a dragon fruit – with its flaming pink skin and black and white inner flesh, I had an entire shoot planned out. But I ended up with dates. At least they taste better than they look!



What is this all about?




5 thoughts on “A-Z Fruit and Veg Photo Project: D is for Date

  1. I feel sorry for the date – it did not generate a flurry of discussions! So I used my trusty google and found that these are not fresh dates, but rather dried ones… (btw, I don’t think I have ever seen fresh dates…). I also do not remember seeing fresh Figs, either. What a fascinating fruit that is.
    And while I am visiting, I was thinking that when posing the Eggplant, maybe holding it together with tooth-picks would work.. is that what you did?
    I hope your essay on racial privilege got good marks!

    • Oh yes, sometimes there is a fuss and other times not! Neither have I seen a fresh date, never as impressive dried. That particular photo of the eggplant was not held up with a toothpick, the photo is deceiving, it was actually quite big. I did later use a wooden skewer, but I found it hard to skewer it so the placement of the pieces looked natural!

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