A-Z Fruit and Veg Photo Project: C is for Carrot

My favourite food photographer, Helen Dujardin, had taken a photo of a bunch of carrots, with leaves, stems and roots still attached, she managed to capture the raw essence of vegetables that were freshly pulled from the ground. This image was present in my mind on this shoot.
I didn’t manage to produce exactly what I had envisioned, as many elements seemed to be against me. Really, it was lack of experience and a learning curve we all must go on. However, I did manage to salvage a few photos.

The carrots were a little too clean for what I was trying to achieve. With my little garden trowel, I dug up some dirt to rub on the carrots to make a ‘fresh’ look. A little water helps too!

Despite anything else, you must admit the colour is inviting!

What is this all about?



7 thoughts on “A-Z Fruit and Veg Photo Project: C is for Carrot

  1. These look really yummy and the colour is just bursting out. Very inviting. My husband liked the last one – with the little roots in focus..What a great project.

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