Why Two Loves?

Is it all in the name?
I spent weeks coming up with ideas for the name of this blog. I originally settled on a name that had a double meaning, one of those meanings to do with food. I liked it, but I didn’t feel like it was true for me. So I spent many nights thinking and brainstorming (at much detriment to my sleeping patterns) about names. It eventually got too much for me – as nothing was evolving. I finally convinced myself to fall asleep and that the perfect name was come to me in the morning.
Well, sure enough, something did come to me that next day, (at the end of the day mind you).
Two Loves – my love of food and my love of photography. It only made sense to me to title my new adventure two loves.
Are food and photography two loves of yours? What is it about them that made you fall in love?

4 thoughts on “Why Two Loves?

  1. Just two loves? I have so many. Of course photography is the main one, and I love food as well (especially making things from scratch like bread and such… yum!). I look forward to seeing what kind of food and photographs you come up with!

    • Thanks! It took me ages to pick me name. Yes I hear your pain. Today I’m working on things I am learning in books. Hopefully I can get at least one good shot – or I’ll be cranky!

      BTW, the photos you take of your girls are amazing!

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