The Header – The Look

I like embedding my style into my projects. This one was tricky, but the result was incredible!
Most food blogs have a picture/s of food in their headers. Lovely as they are, I think they can be a little distracting when viewing other posts, ideas and photos. But if you have a totally irrelevant header, that would probably cause just as much distraction and would be less likely to make your readers come back, (well at least at the beginning).
Pinterest was a great source of inspiration for me in trying to configure my ideas.
My tech savvy other half was not around to help me with Photoshop and I found it a little overwhelming on my own. I decided that a photo was going to be the way to go. Something arty, something simple.
I decided to create cut out words from a newspaper I found lying around the house and have them hanging off a line, like clothes line art.
Here was the result:


How to get the look:
  1. Find a really sunny place to take your photo. (The sun should be falling behind the work)
  2. Cut out equal rectangles of newspaper (one for each letter or symbol). The size is up to you. Make sure each rectangle has different colours and images.
  3. Draw a letter/symbol on each rectangle and cut around the letter.
  4. Using a thin piece of wire, pierce the top of each rectangle and slide the wire through to hang each letter in order. (You can have as many layers as you want!).
  5. Tie each end to a post (I used a clothes drying rack).
  6. Place a white sheet behind the hanging wire and letters, pull tight and fasten. (To make sure that the light doesn’t pick up the creases).
  7. Take your photo when the sun is shining from the back of the work through the white sheet. (This will highlight the letters and give a nice touch to the background). Take the photo with as wide an angle as you can, then edit and crop in your preferred photo-editing program.


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