And it begins…

This is the unofficial beginning of my journey into food photography! (I say unofficial as I have been preparing and researching tid bits for months now)
On a recent holiday I went on, with a very inspirational person, I decided that I really couldn’t pin point what my element was. (Meaning something I am exceptional at, something I love – being in your element).
This distressed me, as we all know that life is a little happier when we are doing things that we love.
Paradoxically, I have a blog about finding time to do things you love  – my hobbies, @, but I still felt like something was missing.
My discovery was that I could combine the things I was interested in into one category – Food Photography. It combines my love of food, cooking, photography, art and styling. So I decided I wanted to start a project on the subject.
Upon researching other food photographers ideas and work, it only made me more excited to join the food photography wagon. Why?
Not only are their images beautiful, but they tell a story, evoke feelings and stir up a memories. They take great pride into what they do and their results show their passion and dedication.
But aren’t you intimidated by their level and quality of work? – (the voice inside my head would say), well the answer is no! My own style will reveal itself with practice – something I am really looking forward to.
I am starting out as a complete novice into the world of food photography and this blog will document my journey. My aim is to find ideas, DIY and budget options for creating my images from those photographers out there who I admire.
My long-term goals is that I will be good enough for people to sort out my photos and services, but for now, its practice, practice, practice, blog, blog, blog!
Come with me on my journey xx

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